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You can now Preorder your farm direct flowers online. Select the products you need and receive a quote by email quickly and conveniently.

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  • Complete range of worldwide sourced flowers and greens and branches.
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Since 1993

What we do for you

Our objective became to provide our customers with a wide range of fresh flowers of optimal quality, and longer shelf life.

Linking the customer directly to the farm results in each box being freshly packed to each customer’s request – insuring freshness and quality of product.


We do not function like other Importers, who bring in numerous boxes into Miami, hoping to sell their product by the end of the week.  This method leaves the buyer at the mercy of old product.


Our system is simple and guarantees that your product will be absolutely fresh.

We will pre-book your product at our farms to insure that your order is cut, packed and shipped within 24 hours.  Upon arrival your order is pre-cooled until it is loaded on your carrier of choice.  Your product spends no time sitting somewhere in Miami waiting to be sold.

All Pre-Booked Orders must be placed (4 to 5) days prior to your carriers shipping day.

Quality from origin
Quality from origin
Refrigerated warehouse at Flora Logistics
Refrigerated warehouse at Flora Logistics
Loading trucks at Flora Logistics
Loading trucks at Flora Logistics

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For immediate assistance call us at  1-888-353-3649 during business hours ( 8 am to 5 pm EST) or send us your information and we will contact you.